Who We Are

Community Focused Economic Development

Ile-a-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan

Rooted in the northern village of Ile-a-la-Crosse, Sakitawak Development Corporation (SDC) proudly carries the mantle of economic advancement for our community. Our mission is to bolster regional enterprises across diverse sectors, creating opportunities for gainful employment, and fostering sustainable growth.

SDC operates under the astute guidance of seven board members, appointed by our sole shareholder, the Northern Village of Ile a la Crosse. Our panel comprises two Village Council members and five at-large members, while our Mayor holds the position of an ex-officio non-voting board member.

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SDC's Journey

History of Sakitawak Development Corporation

The Sakitawak Development Corporation (SDC) was incorporated, in 1989, by the Northern Village of Ile-a-la-Crosse (NVIL), to invest in regional and community businesses in multiple sectors.

Its general purposes or mandate as laid out in its Articles of Incorporation are provided below:

  • The identification of economic and social development opportunities and the preparation and amendment of an economic and social development strategy for the community of Ile a la Crosse;
  • The fostering of local individual ownership of business and property in the community of Ile a la Crosse;
  • The promotion of the Ile a la Crosse community as a place for external investment in small business and for investment in small to large-scale industry;
  • Improving the community overall potential for economic development by expanding business development in the community;
  • Reducing the number of skilled people leaving the community; and,
  • Reducing dependence on outsiders, especially Government.

SDC owns several successful businesses and profitable business investments, making it one of the largest Métis economic development corporations in northern Saskatchewan. The SDC supports and services include providing entrepreneurs in the community with advice and guidance and also investing in community infrastructure. SDC is recognized in the community of Ile-a-la-Crosse for its economic leadership and community development. In the past, it has often contributed 5% to 20% of its profits, annually, back to the community in the form of dividends.

Our Leadership Team

Company Leadership

Our Staff

Board of Directors

Planning For A Sustainable Future

SDC's Vision & Mission

Our Mission: Founded in its cultural spirit, resilience, and strength in economic development, Sakitawak Development will maintain, develop, and expand the economic viability of the North West region by promoting strong partnerships with communities and industry.

Our Vision: To be a northern leader in economic and community development.

Guiding Principals

Our Values

Corporate Values

• Accountable and transparent practices
• Good, sound, honest leadership
• Learning and growing with our partners
• Creating a profitable self-sustaining business
• Accessibility
• Integrity

Social Values

• Professionalism
• Long-term relationships
• Teamwork
• Community-building
• Innovation
• Efficiency
• Strong ethics
• Accountability

Environmental Values

• Protecting and preserving the environment for a sustainable future
• Coexisting in harmony with the environment